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The colourful COBRA mat is made of a mix of Portuguese cork and recycled shoes rubber. Why would our Cobra give you a better experience?

  • COMFORT COMES FIRST: The thickness of 5mm will give you a comfortable feeling on the mat, an advantage if you have tough joints & knees. Still, our mats are light and have a pleasant touch & feel !
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: We choose for the combination cork + recycled rubber because it gives a high performance on the mat. Grip, stability, sticky feeling, it has it all !
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Recommended for all your daily sport activities, including pilates, all types of yoga, meditation, fitness and sport exercises
  • EVERY MAT IS UNIQUE: EVERY mat is different, speckled with different rubber colours from shoe soles and cork. It’s a multicoloured mat, which means there are purple, blue, brown, green colours in it.

183cm x 65cm x 0.5cm

Weight: 1,6kg

Incl multifunctional packaging & black cotton carry strap



The thickness of 5mm gives a comfortable feeling on the mat, which is also beneficial for people with tough joints & knees.


The combo cork + recycled rubber ensures a highly sticky feeling.

Strong Grip and Stability

Natural Production — Portuguese Cork

Impermeable and Anti-Slip



Made in Europe

1 review for Cobra

  1. ositaka

    Fantastic mat! I love the grip the mat offers on my fingers and toes and I really love the texture it has. I recommend it! 🙂

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