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Our EAGLE yoga mat is made of natural cork from Portugal. Why would the Eagle mat give you a better experience?

  • COMFORT COMES FIRST: Enjoy the soft & warm touch, natural feel & smell of pure Portuguese cork. Light to carry (<800g) and easy to clean (cold water on a soft cloth is sufficient).
  • GRIPPY & STICKY: Cork offers something unique: when it comes into contact with moisture, the grip increases. In other words, the more you sweat, the better the grip! Therefore, this is a very good mat for hot yoga, ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha yoga.
  • FUN FOR A LIFETIME: Durability is built into the design of the mat, so it will last a long, long time. Besides the mat, you get a practical carry strap and a cool, multifunctional packaging ! Perfect as a gift or to store your mat at home, away from dust & cats:).

Recommended for experienced yogi, for all types of yoga, from yin yoga to ashtanga to bikram.

183cm x 65cm x 0.4cm

Weight: 0,8 kg

Incl multifunctional packaging & cotton carry strap



With this cork mat you will enjoy a great natural, soft touch & feel. And thanks to it’s ultra light weight, the mat is perfect to bring along, wherever your practice takes you.


No longer slip away! Cork contains a natural waxy substance that doesn’t absorb water but actually improves grip when wet. So the more you sweat, the better the grip will be!

Strong Grip And Stability

Strong Grip and Stability

Natural Production — Portuguese Cork

Impermeable and Anti-Slip



Made in Europe

2 reviews for Eagle

  1. Stéphanie

    Gebruikt gedurende 1 week of minder
    Très contente de mon achat, le tapis est trop beau et répond à toutes mes attentes.

    C’est chouette de trouver des alternatives écologiques 🙂

  2. Noëlie

    Super tapis de yoga! Je l’utilise aussi bien pour mes séances de yoga que pour mes entrainements divers à la maison. Le grip est excellent et le toucher très agréable. Cela fait plaisir de s’entrainer sur un tapis écologique et de qualité (adieu le tapis en plastique!). En plus la jolie boite est très utile pour le ranger et donne un caractère spécial à mon tapis, très élégant 🙂

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