Lion — yoga mat natural cork extra thick (6mm)


Our extra thick LION yoga & pilates mat is made of natural cork from Portugal. It is 6mm thick and therefore the best solution if you search an additional comfort for your joints & knees.

Recommended for all types of yoga, pilates, fitness, workout exercices because of the extra thickness (6mm).

Dimensions: 183cm x 65cm x 0.6cm
Weight: 0,95 kg

Upper layer: 1,5mm natural cork

Bottom layer: 4,5mm foam rubber EPDM

!! Important note: the bottom layer of our yoga mats are made of EPDM rubber, a very light, practical rubber and made in Portugal. Indeed, it is not natural rubber and it is not the most ecological material we are using.

However, we are not convinced natural rubber is so much better than the foam rubber we’re using. First of all, rubber trees are planted & harvested far far away, in Asia or Brazil, usually under unknown circumstances.

But more importantly, land is being cleared (=trees are cut down) in order to plant these rubber trees. Deforestation creates habitat loss for many plant and animal species. This is for us absolutely not sustainable, so we don’t wish to engage in this process. For more info about how sustainable natural rubber really is, this is an interesting read: Is Rubber Sustainable? Why It’s Not so Simple (Explained) (

We want to be very transparent about this. We’re looking into alternatives to both our foam rubber and the natural rubber and are currently testing with recycled rubber and dandelion.

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How your mat was meant to be.

Why would our Lion mat give you a better experience?

Comfort Comes First

Enjoy the soft touch, natural feel & smell of pure Portuguese cork. Light to carry (less then 1kg) and easy to clean (cold water on a soft cloth is sufficient).

Grippy & Sticky

Cork offers something unique: when it comes into contact with moisture, the grip increases. In other words, the more you sweat, the better the grip!

Fun For A Lifetime

Durability is built into the design of the mat, so it will last a long, long time. Besides the mat, you get a practical carry strap and a cool packaging, perfect as a gift!

Strong Grip And Stability
Discover Pierre’s

Multifunctional Packaging

Our yoga & sport mats come in an unique packaging that has a multifunctional design! It’s ideal as a storage for the mat at home, to take it out when going for adventure, or as an extraordinary gift to someone you care about.

Win Holidays

And the best part of it: fill the top green part with cork wine & champagne stoppers, send us a picture of it, and have a chance to win amazing holidays in the land of the cork, Portugal!

Recycling Parks

All over the world, you can give cork stoppers to recycling parks. In Belgium, we give cork to the organization Recycork, a place for disabled people that gives a second life to (y)our cork.

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