Made To Comfort You.
Made To Last

Once there was...

…A monk called Dom Pierre Pérignon. In the 17th century, he invented champagne and applied cork to close champagne bottles. From that moment on, cork started being purposefully cultivated, mainly in Portugal.

Fast forward 400 years, and cork is still standing, with the construction & fashion industry among those who discovered the potential of this fine material. People are searching for sustainable alternatives that offer the same or a better experience, performance, comfort. Cork fits in this request.

Our Mission

Our founder, Pieter Vandewiele, also wanted to contribute to this sustainable evolution. Portugal being his second home, as his parents run a beautiful B&B in the Algarve (, he started visiting cork factories in Portugal and brainstorming during the first lockdown in Belgium.

In december 2020, Pierre was born, with the Eagle and the Cobra yoga mat as the first products on the market. Since then, Pieter and his team have experimented with cork and also discovered other sustainable materials in Europe, among wool, linen, hemp, recycled cork, recycled PET bottles, etc.

This to offer a variety of comfortable options to their customers. In summer 2022, they even came up with an exclusive SUP yoga board, handmade out of wood & Portuguese cork.

We wish you a pleasant discovery of Pierre’s natural yoga, well-being & sports creations, 100% made in Europe.

Made to enjoy.

Made to comfort you.

Made to last.