Warranty Conditions

We offer you a 12-month warranty on all of our Pierre yoga mats.

Your receipt together with written proof of purchase is your warranty certificate. The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase and applies to correct use of the mat for yoga exercises, the use of the correct cleaning products and the storage of the mat in a sun-free, dry and cool place. From then on, you can proceed to send an email to hello@pierresports.com with whichever issue you want to report to our support.

Please note, your guarantee does not cover:

  1. Failure or damage resulting from improper use, lack of care, or accidents (i.e. knocks, dents, crushing, stitching issues, etc.).
  2. Aesthetic changes resulting from normal usage & aging (i.e. alteration of the color/logo, small damages on the sides of the mat, etc.),
  3. Water damage if care instructions for the product’s water-resistance level were not followed. The Pierre products are water-friendly but not water resistance, it means that it doesn’t resist heavy rainfall or excessive water usage. Excessive contact with water may cause damage to the mats.
  4. Products that are not purchased from an authorized Pierre Sports retailer.