Frog – yoga mat natural cork (4mm)


This mat provides a great comfort, a natural & soft feeling and a neutral odour when practising. It’s also incredibly light to carry, only 600 grams. Besides, the grip gets better the more you sweat, so it’s a great mat for hot yoga, ashtanga, vinyasa and hatha yoga.

Recommended for beginners and experienced yogis, however not for people with painful joints because of its 4 mm thickness. If you desire more cushioning for your knees & joints, we recommend the thicker ‘Lion’ mat.

Cork is a fascinating, natural material: it is highly durable as the cork oak is never cut (prohibited by law in Portugal) and the cork harvest is done manually every 9 years.

Dimensions: 183cm x 65cm x 0.4cm; Weight: 600g
Top layer: 1.5mm agglomerated cork
Bottom layer: 2.5mm EPDM rubber

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