SUP Yoga Board



If you’re looking for a highly stable, elegant, and light hardboard, made from only natural materials, we have what you need.

Our exclusive SUP Yoga Board is handmade in the Algarve in Portugal, out of Pauwlonia wood and Portuguese cork.

Cork offers a fantastic advantage: when it comes into contact with water, the grip only improves.

Move your hands and feet around the board without any problems, and enjoy a perfect yoga session on the water or just a fun SUP tour.

Limited edition: only 5 in stock

Dimensions: 3m long, 80cm wide
Weight: 7kg
Comes with an aluminum paddle and 3 fins

1 in stock

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How your board was meant to be.

Why would the Pierre board give you a better experience?

Comfort Comes First

Enjoy the soft & warm touch, natural feel & smell of pure Portuguese cork and natural Pauwlonia wood. Rather light to carry and easy to clean (cold water on a soft cloth is sufficient).

Grippy & Sticky

Cork offers something unique: when it comes into contact with moisture or water, the grip increases. In other words, cork is a perfect partner for yoga sessions on the water!

Fun For A Lifetime

Durability is built into the design of the board, so it will last a long, long time. Besides, you can become the owner of a very exclusive, pretty and sustainable hardboard.

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