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The wool yoga mat cover is very comfortable, warm and practical. It is made of European Merino wool & cotton with 4 elastic bands. We didn’t want to use rubber, which makes it practical to wash, to store and to carry (much lighter).

It is ideal for yin yoga, yoga nidra, relaxation, Shavasana, or just to feel cosy on chilly evenings.

Instruction: simply put it on top of your existing yoga mat, you can use the elastics to attach it.

Dimensions: 183×65 cm
Vacuum packaged

Our washing instructions are as follows:

• Wash the mat only when absolutely necessary. It sometimes helps to just hang the wool mat outside.

• Wash the wool toppers on the wool wash program of your washing machine at 30 degrees

• Make sure the centrifuge does not exceed 600 rpm. The wool mat will shrink if the speed is too high.

• Use a (little) bit of wool detergent. Regular detergent is too aggressive for wool. Most regular detergents contain bleach, wool fibers break from bleach. The perfume used in regular detergent can become hard and stiff.

• Wash wool with wool.

• Never use any softener

• Never put the wool topper in the dryer. It will shrink irreparably.

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Based on 2 reviews
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  1. Claudine

    Heel zacht & gezellig gevoel op de wollen mat. Handig te transporteren, en gemakkelijk om over je bestaande mat te doen.

  2. Noëlie

    C’est vraiment chouette de faire yin yoga sur ce tapis. Très doux, naturel, et confortable.

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