Dolphin — yoga mat made of recycled wetsuits (recycled neoprene)



Our newest yoga creation, after almost 2 years of development and prototype testing.. Proud to present you our DOLPHIN Yoga Mat !

The Dolphin yoga mat is our first circular yoga mat, made of recycled neoprene from old wetsuits which we fully reuse. As always, the yoga mat is 100% made in Europe.

Besides the sustainability of the mat, you will benefit of a great grip, a colourful design and a comfortable touch.

NOTE: our initial idea was to create a fully circular yoga mat (made of 100% recycled neoprene), but after testing various prototypes, we found out that adding 1mm natural rubber really improved the mat’s durability and overall comfort. You can therefore practice on both sides of the mat, the sticky natural rubber side or the grippy and colourful recycled neoprene.

Dimensions: 183cm x 65cm x 0.5cm
Weight: 2,6kg

Upper layer: 4mm recycled neoprene
Bottom layer: 1mm natural rubber

More info regarding the wetsuits waste problem & the solution we propose:

Pierre Sports joined forces with Circular Flow to produce this yoga mat with end of life wetsuits recycled in their facility.

Currently over 20,000 tonnes of neoprene items go to incineration or landfill annually. When burned, this man-made, non-biodegradable rubber becomes a pollutant highly toxic to people and animals.

Circular Flow is combating its harmful effect on the environment by undertaking a full mechanical recycling breakdown of end-of-life wetsuits and off-cuts into granules or chips and then re-processing them into new, recycled neoprene – rather than merely cutting pieces out of old wetsuits and repurposing them into new products, as others have done.

This transforms 100% of the old wetsuits into sheets that are then made into items – such as our yoga mats.

Each stage of the journey is powered only by solar energy, and involves no melting, burning or use of hazardous chemicals. Plus, every non-neoprene part of the old wetsuit, such as the plastic or metal zips, are also recycled, so the process is truly zero waste.

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How your mat was meant to be.

Why would our Dolphin give you a better experience?

Comfort Comes First

The thickness of 5mm will give you a comfortable feeling on the mat, an advantage if you have tough joints & knees. You can use both sides for your yoga practice, the recycled neoprene and the natural rubber side!

High Performance

We choose for the combination recycled neoprene and natural rubber because it gives a high performance on the mat. Grip, stability, sticky feeling, it has it all!

Every Mat Is Unique

Every mat is different, speckled with different colours from the old wetsuits we reuse. It’s a multicoloured mat, which means there are purple, blue, brown, green colours in it.

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